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Side Effects of Microwave Oven

Side Effects of Microwave Oven: Microwaves commonly called, is an electrical device to the cold food due to dielectric heating by electromagnetic waves that heating by microwaves. microwaves often used to reheat previously cooked food and also used to cook vegetables that cook quickly and easily. It uses less energy than a stove to reheat food. […]

Wi Fi Dangerous to Our Health

Wi Fi Dangerous to Our Health: Life in the 21st century, we can hardly prevent that wi-fi radiation. In fact, we are surrounded by a wi-fi signal everywhere we go – at work, in restaurants, even in our own home. Although wireless technology makes our lives easier, it is still not completely safe for our […]

Know the Top 10 Fattest Nations of the World

Know the Top 10 Fattest Nations of the World: We all know that obesity is a major problem today. That figure tends to rise to one third of the population of people. There are almost 2.5 times more people who are overweight as compared with underweight. CAUSES: If you want to stay healthy, you must eat less. Eat less live long. In 2010, […]

What Happens When You Smoke Cigarette Right After Waking Up

What Happens When You Smoke Cigarette Right After Waking Up? Many people have the habit of lighting a cigarette as soon as they wake up, and not even to eat breakfast before they do. These are the people who face the highest risk of developing lung cancer. A group of US scientists who conducted the study, […]

Know the Reason to Eat Mango

Know the Reason to Eat Mango: Below are the some main & interesting reason to eat mangos. Helps Fight Cancer:  Many foods are believed to have anti-cancer properties, but rigorous research is needed to substantiate. Texas A & M AgriLife Research is a research institute that studies the effects of food on health, looks at the […]

Monitor Website Traffic by Using Plugins

Monitor Website Traffic by Using Plugins: Use Google Analytics . Google Analytics is one of the most popular web traffic monitoring application available. You can find the itinerary of every visitor to your site, which can help you decide how to follow you expand outreach. Google Analytics is a free and paid premium format. If […]

Monitor Traffic of Your Own Website

Monitor Traffic of Your Own Website: Open your web statistics. If you have a platform like WordPress , it is easier to access the statistics of your site. These features are built into the web platform for easy inspection and maintenance, and will give you an accurate view of the traffic to your web plugin. If […]

Calculate Your Need of Calories

Calculate Your Need of Calories: You can calculate your calorie needs total number of calculators available online. It may be easier to use and more complicated than the necessary mathematical equation itself. You can see a variety of calculators weight loss and wellness clinic and the websites of several medical associations. Make sure that you […]

How to Read the Capacitor Value

How to Read the Capacitor Value? Determine Unit of Measurement: The basic unit of capacitance is the farad (F). The amount is much too big for normal circuits, capacitors so the house is equipped with one of the following units: 1 uF, 1 mF = 1 microfarad = 10-6 farad mF is the official abbreviation for millifarads […]

Reduce Sweating Immediately

Reduce Sweating Immediately: If you sweat a lot, you’re in the right place. In this article we will show you how to reduce sweating – all natural! Yes, these four natural ingredients will reduce sweating and you’ll feel great! Well, if your body heats up – the weather, exercise, stress – your brains sends a […]

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