Calculate Your Need of Calories

Calculate Your Need of Calories:


You can calculate your calorie needs total number of calculators available online.

It may be easier to use and more complicated than the necessary mathematical equation itself.

You can see a variety of calculators weight loss and wellness clinic and the websites of several medical associations. Make sure that you use to choose a reliable website and not calculators from other blogs or personal sites.

Most calculators work the same way. You input your height, weight, gender, age and activity level. This information handy when you calculate your needs.


Determine your basal metabolic rate or BMR by comparison. Your BMR is the amount has calories your body needs just to perform daily living support functions. It is the speed of your metabolism or the amount of calories your body burns at rest.

Your body needs a certain number of calories just to maintain normal life and function. Something of keeping your heart rate, breathing or digesting food requires energy in the form of calories. This accounts for the largest amount of the total calories burned per day.

The BMR equation for the average American women (4.7 x your height in centimeters) + (4.35 x your weight in pounds) – (4.7 x your age in years). Add 655 total for BMR.

The BMR equation for the average American people (12.7 x your height in inches) + (6.23 x your weight in pounds) – (6.8 x your age in years). Add 66 to the total for BMR.

You will use your BMR Harris Benedict formula to determine how many calories you burn with activity.



Calculate your total power consumption by using the Harris Benedict Equation. The Harris Benedict Equation can help you estimate how many calories you burn each day by multiplying your BMR by calculating the average level of activity.

Multiply your BMR by your activity level. This will give you give a fairly accurate number for your total daily calorie intake. you are sedentary multiply (little or no exercise), your BMR by 1.2.

If you are less active (exercising about 1 to 3 days per week), multiply your BMR by 1.375.

you are moderately active (moderate exercise and / or sports 3-5 days) multiply your BMR by 1.55.If you are very active (people who engage in strenuous sports or exercise hard 6 to 7 days a week) multiply your BMR by 1.725.

people who engage in very challenging physical work or exercise, such as 2-a-day workouts multiply your BMR by 1.9.


the percentage of body fat.  Eating a small amount more to help you achieve a more appropriate calorie goal.

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