Know the Causes, Symptoms & Remedies of Swollen Eyes

Know the Causes, Symptoms & Remedies of Swollen Eyes:

imagesswollen eyes  determines your condition of your personality  . And your face parts that define your personality. If you have some pain related to your face will be off with you and you will not enjoy your friends and family businesses. Eyes are an important part of your face. If you do take the stress or tension and come into contact with things that trigger allergies or allergic substance to swollen eyes . And irritation and itching effect produced by this type of problem. When you do a lot of work and could not complete your sleep you get extra busy covering swollen eyes . Some people go to the doctor for these kinds of problems to another medical store for the drops that inflammation of the eyes swollen eyes looked tricky, because if you sit can reduce among others. But the drops and the doctors were very expensive and take time and un spoilt nature. So all the people who can not afford this kind of treatment, they face the  savior problem of eyes.


Eyes Tips to reduce the swelling and to avoid serious Eye

  1. Do not come into contact with the allergenic substance, because your eyes are swollen.
  2. Lack of sleep can lead to cause inflammation of the eye to complete your sleep.
  3. Peppers and spices can cause inflammation of the eyes, so use herbs in your food in less quantity.
  4. Dehydration causes inflammation of the eyes, so drink 8-9 glasses of water a day.
  5. Remove eye makeup from your eyes

Along with general tips here are some home remedies for puffy eyes that can reduce or eliminate inflammation of your eyes. And make your eyes beautiful and hassle free. The remedies are inexpensive and anyone can implement on their eyes.


Before going to bed put rose water on your eyes swelled in the form of drops. Keep your eyes closed for five minutes at least as rose water can be dissolved in your eyes. Rose water can reduce the irritation of the eyes and your eyes are swollen normal process when you regularly do overnight.

Ice Cubes:


Take two ice cubes and place them near your eyes. Compressed close your eyes through the blocks and leave them for 15 minutes on your eyes. Ice cubes can be fatal swelling of your eyes and relax.

  1. Green Tea Bags:

Take two cold green tea bags and put them in your eyes. Let them possible and then wash your eyes with cold water. Green tea bags vessels relax your eyes and reduce eye inflammation.

Olive Oil:

Apply olive oil to your face with the help of cotton ball and rub your swollen eyes with this oil. Repeat this process for a week and you will see a visible change in your vision.

Cooking Oil:untitled

Massage your eyes with grease before going to sleep. Then wash your eyes with cold water in the morning. This process can reduce inflammation your eyes and relax.

Cucumber Slices:

Put cucumber slices on your eyes and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your eyes with chilled water.

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