Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Home Remedies for Dry Skin:

untitledIt must have been very attentive to his / her skin be problems if we know that the most common among all the problems of oily skin and dry skin problems. Therefore it is very important to tell you about home remedies for such type of skin, because often over the counter treatments are not very effective in dealing with the issues at hand as compared with home remedies.

Furthermore approaching winters close so it gives us a reason to find simple solutions for combating dry skin, roughness and excessive shine or oily skin. Keep in mind that you can still get the desired smoothness regardless of skin type to get your skin to choose from for the help of other remedies.

As we know that oil and dry skin are two opposing terms; Therefore, we have divided the home remedies according to their fitness classes section below. untitled

Often Face Wash:

Oily skin rough it look dirtier and therefore you should regularly wash your face during the day to get rid of the oil from your skin. You can use soap detergent after consulting your doctor or you can also try cleaned glycerin soap. Do this tip twice a day for better results

Aloe Vera: untitled

This is a very effective treatment to get rid of the oil from your skin. All you need to do is aloe vera gel and put it on your face, pat it for a while and then let it dry. then rinse with water. Aloe Vera is incredibly great at absorbing oil; Therefore, you should give this tip a shot must

Keep Fabrics:

People with oily skin should make a habit of wearing to develop fabrics together and if they think that their skin began to look fatter than they clean the oil from the face using tissues immediately. You can use regular or tissues can also oil-absorbing tissues of the nearest shops

Rinse with Cold Water:

Another very simple and effective tips to deal with oily skin, wash with cold water twice a day and then dry with a towel. Repeat the exercise for some time to come up

Avoid Moisturizers:

People with oily skin should keep in mind that moisturizers are not intended for them, because their skin already doing to bear great at warding off drought. What they should do is, go and use sunscreen lotion before going out, check out the label to those who are intended to remove the oily skin

Scrub or Mask:


You can give yourself to apply a light scrub or a mask on your face to get rid of the oil on your skin. Clay masks are usually available in the market that you can use them as well.

Papaya & Avocado Mask:

To treat oily skin make a paste by taking a slice of papaya, bananas and avocado then apply it on your face for 15 minutes for effective results. Papaya is extremely effective . It will not only help reduce dry skin, but also in healing scars.

Egg Face Pack:

Take one egg with a teaspoon of milk and honey to make a paste to prepare for and then apply it on your skin for 20 minutes and then wash your face. To combat this is a very useful treatment of dry skin.

Aloe Vera:

You can also apply aloe vera gel on your face for 30 minutes for fighting drought. It’s simple, but very effective and easy to do the treatment. All you need to do is to extract aloe vera gel from a piece of aloe vera and then instead of going out to buy a ready-made gel.

Oil Massage:

You can also give yourself a massage oil with almond oil and honey just before taking a bath. This will help you keep your skin moist and smooth. If you can get hot oil massage instead; then it would be better

Fresh Cream Pack

face pack by mixing a teaspoon of fresh cream quarter teaspoon of turmeric and a few drops of lemon juice. Keep repeating this tip for a while, until or unless you start with positive results


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