Hydrogen Storage Method

Hydrogen Storage Method:

Hydrogen is a very environmentally friendly fuel. It gives only water vapor in the atmosphere when burned. The problem is that it is not easy to store. It is stored like other compressed gases . A new solid can solve the problem . A noble gas xenon combined with hydrogen and other high pressure results in a solid. The discovery has introduced a new line of materials that could give a boost to new.


The lead author Maddury Somayazulu, research scientists at the Geophysical Laboratory Carnegie’s, explained: “Elements change their configuration when placed under pressure. A bit like the passengers adjustment as the elevator was full, we were subjected to a series of gas mixtures of xenon in combination with hydrogen. at high pressures in a diamond anvil cell. and about 41,000 times the pressure at sea level (1 atmosphere), the atoms are dominated by a lattice structure by hydrogen, but interspersed with layers of pairs of loosely bonded xenon. When elevated we pressure, such as the size of a radio, the distance between the pair of xenon-changed distances outsourced to that observed in dense metallic xenon. ”


The researchers presented the compound at varying pressures by X-ray diffraction, infrared and Raman spectroscopy. The response of xenon with the surrounding hydrogen was surprising. This was responsible for the unusual stability and the continuous change in xenon-xenon distances pressure was adjusted from 41,000 to 255,000 atmospheres.

The researchers passed through both the structure and stability of this material.  As xenon conduit crystallographer that changes in electron density at different research. In this direction could certainly lead to lighter alternatives. According to Russell Hemley pressures seen over the single-crystal diffraction. As the electron density of the xenon atoms spreads to the surrounding hydrogen molecules, the connection stabilizes and xenon pairs.

Xenon and hydrogen carrier is too heavy and expensive. This hydrogen rich solid represents a new way in the development of novel hydrogen storage compounds..

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