Inverter AC Reduces up to 64 % Electricity Bill

Inverter AC Reduces up to 64 % Electricity Bill:


Inverter AC are more powerful. They provide big savings (up to 64 %) and is better at maintaining the temperature in comparison with conventional ACs.

Let’s look at an example of the 2 ton Inverter AC vs. conventional AC.

Power consumption of a 2 ton inverter AC is 1.4 kwh. Conventional AC takes 2.50 kwh.


For explanation purposes, it is not intended as an exact representation

How Inverter Air Conditioners Work ?

Converter , a device in the air conditioner , the frequency of the power supplied to the compressor motor controls .

Compressor motor controls the rotation speed of the compressor and refrigeration compressor causes current being proportional to the cooling load of the room.

Compressor speed of a conventional AC is constant. They work at full coolant flow rate or zero flow rate.

3Control operation of variable speed compressor of inverter air conditioner save power up to 71%.

Inverter Air Conditioners Are Powerful:

Inverter AC operate at maximum capacity in the beginning. They maintain temperature set point very quickly with increased coolant flow.

Conventional AC have only one fixed power and capacity. It will take them time to reach the required temperature set point. 4

Inverter air conditioners have lower power consumption Inverter air-conditioners in the attainment of the desired temperature of the compressor speed slows down , and the refrigerant decreases, so inverter air conditioner operates at a lower capacity.


Inverter air conditioners will be more comfortable

The difference in the temperature and the internal temperature is negligible with inverter AC. There is a continuous variation of the set temperature in conventional AC .

Myths related to Inverter AC:

Converter is the name of an apparatus for converting the frequency of the power supply . This unit is in the air conditioner and not related to the back- up power converters in any way. It only helps to regulate the speed of the compressor.

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