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Wi Fi Dangerous to Our Health

Wi Fi Dangerous to Our Health: Life in the 21st century, we can hardly prevent that wi-fi radiation. In fact, we are surrounded by a wi-fi signal everywhere we go – at work, in restaurants, even in our own home. Although wireless technology makes our lives easier, it is still not completely safe for our […]

Unbelievable Memory

Unbelievable Memory: There was a time when few kilobytes content child keep to the required large machines. Now we carry with hundreds of gigabytes of data on a small card. In up coming days 0.1 mm width cube of material can store. Holland’s Delft University team of experts tested a memory device which is in a square inch of land. It […]

Upgrade of Windows 10

Windows 10 updates: Phone Companion: Windows 10 includes a new app that lets you set your phone to work with the PC and all Microsoft services you use – such as Cortana , Skype , Office and onedrive . So you can connect to an iPhone and put it on a back- up pictures on […]

Advantages of Windows 10

Windows 10 advantages: Settings & Control Panel:   Windows 8 Settings app has taken a lot more settings to be used in the Control Panel , and it has a Control Panel – like interface with icons to navigate . But the old Control Panel interface is still there. For institutions that are not in the new […]

What’s New on Window 10

Windows 1o new: Schedule Restarts: Not announce Windows that you have done everything to get fifteen minutes before it restarts to apply an update. Instead of leaving Windows 10 to decide when to do that , if there is an update that you restart Windows need to ask if you want to require plans . […]

Silent Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 Features: New Edge Browser: To catch up with the fast moving browsers like Chrome and Firefox , Microsoft has its browser back to basics , ripping off years of code that does not fit the standards of web and creating a lean, fast browser . It is a work in progress – it will […]

Latest Updates of Windows 10

Windows 10 Latest Updates: Windows 10 Latest updates are listed below: Action Center: If you’ve used Windows Phone 8.1 (or Android and / or iOS) , you use a hotline you can drag down from the top of the screen. Windows 10 put it on the right side of the screen , where the charms […]

Unique Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 Uniqueness: Task Switcher:   Most Windows users do not know which tab to see the keyboard shortcut Alt and switch between all running apps , so that as well as having a new task switcher with larger thumbnails , Windows 10 also puts an icon in the taskbar job to help them find. […]

Smart Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 Smart Features: Introduction to Windows 10: In Windows 10, Microsoft is trying to keep creating some sense of touch and tablet features Windows 8, combine them with the familiar Start menu and desktop, and run all of this on top of an improved operating system with enhanced security, a new browser window , […]

Lap Top

Lap Top Purchasing Tips: Things to be Considered While Purchasing Lap Tops:   If you ‘re looking to play, to play movies or stay in touch while traveling , the latest laptops can balance the power and performance you need to carry. Begin to consider your quest for the perfect laptop in our overview of […]

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