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Inverter AC Reduces up to 64 % Electricity Bill

Inverter AC Reduces up to 64 % Electricity Bill: Inverter AC are more powerful. They provide big savings (up to 64 %) and is better at maintaining the temperature in comparison with conventional ACs. Let’s look at an example of the 2 ton Inverter AC vs. conventional AC. Power consumption of a 2 ton inverter AC is 1.4 kwh. Conventional AC takes 2.50 kwh. For explanation purposes, it […]

Make AC with Recycled Radiator

Make AC with Recycled Radiator:     Clean your radiator before it.       You can soak it in water and mild soap and then let it air dry. Place a high-speed fan behind the radiator. You may have to place some objects under the radiator to line it up with the fan.   […]

Build Your Own AC

AC Build at Home with a Box Fan and a Cooler:   Unscrew the front cover panel of your fan.         Twist 6 mm diameter copper tube with concentric circles from the center of the outer side of the grid.     Attach the end of a length of copper tube in the center […]

Inspection of Split AC Compressor

AC Compressor Inspection:     Check the air conditioning compressor – condenser. It is usually located on the outside of your home or building and are usually close to home. Make sure that it is done by listening to and check light.     Check the cable to make sure it is properly connected and […]

Easy Way to Service Out Door Unit of AC

AC service Easy Way: Easy way to AC service Out Door Unit:  AC service is not difficult now. Remove the dust covers from the service ports. Connect your service manifold gauges. (Make sure the connection is secure so no refrigerant might leak once you open the line from the outdoor unit). Connect the service tank to the […]

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