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Generation of Solar Power with Salt

Generation of Solar Power with Salt: Solar power generation through salt is latest and new technique. California American company has built a solar power plant, which can also use electricity at night using salt In the middle of the American desert of Nevada , Solar Reserve , the company has put on 10 large mirrors […]

Zinc-Oxide Nanostructure

Zinc-Oxide Nanostructure: Two scientists in a way breakthrough for the production of ” sea – hedgehogs ‘ to accelerate the work capacity and efficiency of solar cells . Jamil Elias and Laetitia Philippe are two scientists Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures Laboratory Empa program was successful in making little urchin ” ready to revolutionize solar […]

Spherical Sun Power Generator

Spherical Sun Power Generator: Power generation through spherical sun is the latest technology of todays world. It has developed a new revolution in the field of power. German architect Andre Broessel believes he has a solution that can “squeeze more juice from the sun,” even during the nighttime and low-light areas. Rawlemon his company created […]

Grid-Tied Solar Power Systems

Grid-Tied Solar Power Systems: A grid tied photovoltaic system is a solar PV system connected to the mains. A grid tied PV system consists of solar panels, one or more inverters , a power conditioning unit and grid connection equipment . They range from small residential and commercial rooftop systems to large scale solar power […]

Floating Solar Panels

Solar Floating Panels Technology: Solar floating panels technology is the latest technique in PV system. Standard PV modules are installed on large bodies of water with the help of hydrelio floating innovative PV system.  Examples are water tanks, quarries, lakes, irrigation canals, sanitation, settling ponds, hydraulic and electric dam reservoirs. This simple and affordable alternative for ground-mounted systems. It is suitable for water consuming […]

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