Top Ten Dress Brands of the World

Top Ten Dress Brands of the World:

Fashion industry’s most efficient and I think the most competitive industry in the midst of all the others. Each brand is trying to beat the other and majesty of fame and popularity and reach of the brand founder each work a lot to entertain their customers with very different and elegant designs and fabrics. So it is not easy to figure out the best and attractive brands. So far, this article concerns it is really an attempt to brand the best learning thousands. This article is about the top 10 best clothing brands in the world . And I know that the brand is the benchmark and this article is useful for people shopaholic . First, there is a list of the top ten best clothing brands in the world and they will be discussed individually by ranking.

10. Dolce & Gabbana:


Dolce & Gabbana is really a big name in the fashion industry. It is considered the tenth most amazing , damn luxurious and best brands in the fashion industry worldwide. It was actually launched in Italy in 1982 and dominates form Domencio fashion brand Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Dolce and Gabbana are very powerful and above the top designers in the world today . The incredibly well and full of aesthetic meaning designers brought miracles in the fashion industry. They provide their clients with a high degree of comfort and flattering clothes . Their dedication to their work and the versatility of their clothes brought D & G brand in height and that is why it is ranked as the best clothing brands in the world .

9. Armani:

1untitledNext gown mark registered as the best and luxury brands of the world are Armani. It is the ninth largest apparel brands in the fashion industry today. Giorgio Armani with the help of Sergio Galeotti launched this label Armani fashion world in 1975. Giorgio Armani has been trying to teach the world that ” Elegance is not something that should be detected , but that should not be forgotten. ” In 2001, this Italian designer has become the trendsetter and successful designers of the fashion center of Italy. Armani brand serves as an umbrella because there are so many other brands under its control such as Armani Jeans , Armani Collezioni , Emporio Armani Casa. and this fashion brand is in the spotlight because of its versatility and sweet and stylish.

8. Versace:


Versace is the next most influential and most luxurious clothing brands in the fashion industry today. This clothing brand was launched by real rock star of the fashion world brought to the majesty of fame in 1978. Gianni Versace and Versace through this elegant and incredibly intelligent and designers in the spotlight due to the buyer if the boldness founder . In 1997, Gianni Versace met a sudden death and when his sister Donatella Versace served as a new creative director of the Versace label. Gianni is the history of the brand and Donatella provided, as well as the bright future of his Versace .


7. Gucci:

3ledIt is the seventh most luxurious and best clothing brands in the top ten best clothing brands in the world. Guccio Gucci was the founder of the label and launched in early 1920 and at a very low level in Florence. He never thought that one day is like Gucci peak and will most requested clothing brands in the world. His son took the responsibility of the family business in the 1940s Each creative director of the brand has worked hard to increase market. Then Aldo Gucci Gucci introduced his son Paolo strikingly different segments of this brand in 1960 and then her helpless to stop it from becoming mainstream Italian fashion house. After a Tom Ford name comes the word god gifted designer, he became creative director of the label in 1994 and because of this visionary and influential designer Gucci gained much popularity.

6. Burberry:



So the next best brand I recruited as sixth best clothing brands in the list of the top ten best clothing brands in the world is Burberry . The top dress brand was launched by Thomas Burberry in 1856 is a British designer . And fashion houses are more popular because of the iconic raincoats imported by them for the first time. After the founder, along with creative director Christopher Bailey showed sincerity and tried to save the image of the brand. And trendsetting fashion house heritage held by him alive , because he continued to add to the uniqueness of the product and maintaining the quality of the label . And impressive aspect of the Burberry brand is giving the royal warrant by the Queen of England Elizabeth 2 and Prince Charles of Wales for clothing.

5. Hermes:


Dress brand Next on my list of the top ten brands in the world dress Hermes and it was registered as the fifth most luxurious clothing . It was brought to streamline by Thierry Hermes in 1837. Hermes is about big names in the field of hand -a- porter , and with every passing moment his maturity level is increasing. It is undeniably luxurious and best brands today . One of the best things about the Hermes brand is that every piece of this one and only means uniqueness lies at the heart of this brand. It is always there to make sure that each item must have some personal touch that separates it from the other issues of the time.

4. Dior:



Dior is ranked as the fourth best and luxury clothing brands in the world . It was founded in 1947 by Christian Dior to get in his debut collection by women to ninety entirely different kind of look. His ” New Look ” collection is very attractive and a milestone in the brand. He received his first show was just beyond her expectations. Yves Saint Laurent took over the charge of the Dior brand after the death of the former founder Christian Dior in 1957.



3. Prada:

7dPrada dress is another brand. It is a standard brand in the list of the top ten best clothing brands in the world . This fashion house started by Mario Prada in about 1913. Now it is without doubt one of the most powerful and prestigious brands of the fashion world. Each brand is different from the others at some point the focus point for every brand to pay attention to concentrate on other things like the Dior focused on Elegance as Prada dress brand focuses on prestige of the brand. Current leader of Prada ‘s grandfather Mario Prada ; Miuccia Prada which took charge in 1978. They really do not follow trends , but they set the trends for the other.

2. Chanel:



Chanel is the second most luxurious and in fact the best clothing brands in the world . Coco Chanel is a very big name in the fashion industry this fashion house founded in 1920. Chanel was the mother of fashion, beauty , style, standard and sensuality. Coco Chanel was a pioneer of the French fashion designer. She brought a revolution in the locker room of the woman. He became the sensation of all time after the launch of Chanel 5 perfume. 

1. Louis Vuitton:

12tledSo, here is the last discussion , but unsurpassed top and leading global brands Louis Vuitton dress. It was founded in 1854. The essence of this French fashion brand is a symbol of perfection, excellence , sophistication and style . Founder of this brand began his career in Paris as a trunk maker in the 19th century . Now Louis Vuitton is not only top leading brands in luxury bags. It also ready-to – wear, jewelry , sunglasses , shoes and many other accessories. Since 2001, Louis Vuitton future lies in the hands of the gemstone fashion.


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